“Missing Peace” Now Available on VOD!

Updated: July 4, 2018

Missing Peace – Recently widowed Aaren (Clarisse Behr) is a young woman living alone on her farm in the mountains. As she struggles to create stability in her daily routine, Aaren wrestles with tasks for which she once relied on her husband. To aid with repairs around the farm, she enlists the help of Jack (Willy Adkins), an unassuming neighbor who has had to cope with the loss of his own wife.

Over the course of Jack’s frequent visits, his and Aaren’s feelings for each other grow, but Aaren is tentative about moving on. Spurred by words of fatherly wisdom from her cheeky neighbor, Paul (Chuck Winstead-Brown), Aaren is faced with a decisive question: should she try to pick up the pieces of her old life, or can she find the courage to build a new one?

Missing Peace is a true slice of life film that will warm your heart and now you can find it on VOD and coming soon to DVD!

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