Kayla Ellis – Artist Interview!

Hello fellow Indie Artists and Fans!  Willy Adkins here and today I am catching up with a very young and unique artist by the name of Kayla Ellis that I have been fortunate to get to know.

W: First of all, thank you for joining us today, Kayla. Could we start by having you tell us how old you are and when you first found your love for art?

K: I am nineteen years old, and I have always had a thing for art. When I was younger my eldest sister Mariah would draw and I was always so fascinated. Eventually she showed my other sister Dominique and I some cool drawing techniques. As time passed she would teach us more and more, she’s always been good at teaching. Art was my favorite subject in school. Of course we painted here and there in art class and during other school projects, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I really felt free with my work. One day I picked up the brush and just went for it, that’s when I knew. It was meant to be.

W: As you know, I have acquired some of your original art for my own personal collection. In doing this, I have been able to get to know you a little bit. One thing that I learned quickly, is that like so many artists, you have faced challenges. One of those challenges being a disability. Could you tell our readers about that disability and if it has had any impact on the way you produce art or inspired any of your creative works?

K: I believe having disabilities has really opened my mind to the world. I used to be pretty active as a child, I grew up here in Maine. We were always outside, playing in mud running through the woods, catching frogs just having fun. I admire things around me, I look at the world and see art. As I was getting older I began to develop pain, and started to notice things were getting a bit more difficult for me. I would push through it, but some days began to get to be too much. I found out I had quite a few issues in my body, deformities in my feet and ankles were the beginning. After my first couple of surgeries I had a bike accident in gym class. That was about almost six years ago. Multiple surgeries later we learned it was a lot more serious. My issues had spread up my body, pain had increased and I began to slowly loose my mobility. I have a big list of random diagnoses and still a lot unknown and am in and out of appointments with specialists and tests. I turned to art to help distract my pain, I used what I saw around me to turn into art. Whether it was a scenery or just a design I got from looking at the condensation on windows. Pain has become a huge part of my life, but when I paint I’m in my own world and the pain just drifts away. I started painting every day, eventually my doctors asked about the mess of paint that was normally all over my body. I showed them some of my work and now they encourage me, always asking about my work. I even surprised my doctor with a portrait of himself, which he was very happy with. I am thankful for them and all that they do for me. Going through the things I do I’ve learned to look at things in a positive perspective. I want to rise up, make people happy, be there for those who could use a friend. I want to Inspire.

W: I have noticed that you have done paintings in all sorts of different genres. What is your favorite subject(s) to paint and do you have a favorite piece?

K: In all honesty animals are my weakness, they make my day brighter. I grew up caring for animals on and off farms. Outer space is mesmerizing to me as well, all the unique different colors and endless stars! So when those two things come together It’s always one of my favorites. Nature/Scenery, things with aliens or crystals are fun to do as well. I enjoy being random and weird. I like to experiment with new things, painting on new surfaces and using new media. As of right now I paint with Acrylics, Watercolor, Gouache, Glow and black light paint as well as some oil paint. I have began making key chains, some wooden with paintings on them, and some hand-made from epoxy resin and wire wrapping. There are so many things I would love to try. I have a few favorite paintings I have done that remain in my personal collection.

W: As an artist myself, I find myself hitting walls sometimes with regard to ideas. In these cases, I often will look to other art for inspiration and motivation. Do you have any favorite artists that you look to for motivation and inspiration?

K: My two older sisters as artists are always a huge inspiration to me. Crisco Art and Gwen D’arcy are also big in my book, such gorgeous work they make. Growing up Lisa Frank was my Idol.

W: Kayla, I wish to thank you again for sharing your time with us today. And with that I would like to wrap this up by asking the ever so important question. Where can we see and/or purchase more of your work?

K: You can view my page on Facebook, “Ellis Artistic Wonders.” I also have a new Etsy shop where you can view my items for sale under the same name.