Sivan Arbel’s Campaign for her New Album “Change of Light”

Sivan Arbel is a musician-vocalist-composer-arranger and bandleader, who really, really loves music. In the past 3 years, her and my band have traveled over hundreds of miles and played lots of gigs and shows all over the world. To follow that passion, she moved across the world, away from family and childhood friends, all this to immerse herself in music, and to build my music career amongst the best musicians and creative people… to learn and grow as a musician.

All this was done to share the music that she creates and loves, by connecting with people across the country… the world.  This music project is what she needs your help and SUPPORT with, is that result… She calls it “Change of Light”.

“Change of Light”, this new CD, is a collection of her very personal and musically creative exploration of feelings in songs, which shows the growth she has experienced as a person and musician, and her band as talented individuals. She would love your support to be able to share this music with you, and to make this album great!

Three years ago she released her first CD “Broken Lines”, and it was received well by fans and music critics worldwide… the reaction was so rewarding and amazing.

Please visit Sivan’s INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN to see how YOU can get involved and become part of “Change of Light”.