Housewife of Horror to Host Chicago Horror Film Festival 2019!

Housewife of Horror and Mister of Horror to host the 2019 Chicago Horror Film Festival!

Housewife of Horror is a Horror Television show local to Aurora, Illinois, airing on Western Suburban Stations and Worldwide on The Monster Channel!

Housewife of Horror features the Ghoulishly Glamorous Housewife of Horror, and the dapper Mister of Horror. Both are lifelong lovers of all things that give you that special thrill, go bump in the night, and make a different kind of person finally feel right at home.

The Housewife and Mister of Horror breath new life and adventure to the genre of Horror Hosting with their unique Glamour and Real Life Retro Charm.

The Chicago Horror Film Festival takes place on September 28th & 29th at the The Comedy Bar in Chicago, IL! Tickets on sale soon. Official Film Selections to be announced!

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