“A Great Brother” Filming in East TN!

Award winning filmmaker, Willy Adkins is making his way to East Tennessee this Fall to produce and direct a coming of age short film called “A Great Brother”. Adkins co-wrote the film along side Kentucky based writer Christopher Siaens.

The film cast is being assembled with a group of new to film actors, but not so new to entertainment group of talented individuals. Former professional wrestler turned actor, Mark “Tank Hurley” Carver takes on his very first leading role of Billy, who is a widowed father battling drug problems as he copes with grief and chronic pain from the same car accident that claimed his wife. Playing Billy’s brother Andy, is Kyle Scribner, known for his comedy ventriloquist acts at such Smoky Mountain shows as The Comedy Barn and Hatfield and McCoy. Andy plays a role model to his niece Lily and battles Billy to better his ways. But in this story, Billy finds himself opening up more to a home nurse by the name of Lacey (portrayed by Amy Jo Wagner, a professional dancer known for her time in the Smoky Mountain Opry). Billy finds that Lacey isn’t as judging as the others, likely because she lives a tough life as well. Lacey’s husband, Axel (portrayed by professional wrestler and actor Josh Turner, of The Walking Dead fame) is the violent type and he really doesn’t like her around Billy. Rounding up the cast (that has been announced, thus far) is actor Chuck Winstead-Brown as Sheriff Tucker, who has worked on numerous film projects in East Tennessee and currently directing his first play at the Creative Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tn. This will be the second film for which Winstead-Brown has worked under Adkins direction. The first being “Missing Peace” in which Winstead-Brown won the award for Best Supporting Actor.

Adkins has announced that the film will world premiere sometime in Spring 2020.