REVIEW: Donny and Clive

Donny and Clive is a twelve and a half minute short film Produced by a group of lifelong friends beyond twenty years, headed up by Directors and brothers, Chris and Lowe McKee based out Brooklyn, NY.

Donny and Clive Teaser Trailer
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The film opens up with two guys in a car contemplating burglarizing a house and you learn very quickly that they aren’t the sharpest criminals in town, as it seems Donny has decided on the most ridiculous of houses to break into.  But, alas, the two make their way through the window and the laughs roll on and on from there, as the two battle each other over Donny’s absent minded criminal plan.  Eventually things escalade rather quickly and not everyone gets out without injury. But regardless of injury, you are sure not to get through this film without crying in laughter.

This indie film is unrated and does involve adult language, Drug use, weapons and violence. 

This hilarious film screened at the Laugh or Die Comedy Fest where it won Best Film and Best Writer for Dylan Cooper!  I’m not sure what the future plans are for Donny and Clive beyond it’s current festival tour, but they do have an official website that you can check out to keep in the loop.  Visit where you can make contact with the filmmakers.